Do you draw all the pictures yourself?
Yes! All the artwork on this website are painted and drawn by me.

What media do you use?
All sorts of media. But preferably I work with acrylic colors on Wood or toned paper, fineliners and markers on paper.

Do you sell your Artwork?

I do. At the moment I sell them through my etsy store or in person.

Do you sell Art prints as well?
Yes. Check out my Etsy Store or write me a message if you can’t find your favorite in my store.

What inspires you to draw?
Lot’s of music like KoRn or movie soundtracks – especially by Hans Zimmer, nature, other artists, people I meet, places I go to, patterns in tiles; clouds; etc, movies I watch.. oh so much stuff inspires me :)

When did you start drawing?
I draw since I can think but 2001 was probably the year where I started to put a little more profession into my arts. I’ve had two major art blocks that lasted for a few years, but after I quit my job and started freelancing my creativity slowly came back :-)

Can I use your pictures for my own projects?
I feel very honored if you want to use my artwork for your own projects but please ask me, if you use my artwork. And always make sure that you add a credit to the used pictures with my website and artists name.

Can you draw a picture for me?
Sure. Just send me a message and we talk about the price and further details.

There’s a certain picture in your gallery, that I like. Can I have it?
I can’t give it to you for free because¬†my artwork helps me to pay my bills, but if the painting /drawing is still available we can talk about the price.