Do you draw all the pictures yourself?
Yes! All the artwork on this website are painted and drawn by me.

What media do you use?
All sorts of media. But preferably I work with acrylic colors on canvas, fineliners and markers on paper.

Do you sell your Artwork?

I do. At the moment I sell them through my etsy store or in person.

Do you sell Art prints as well?
Yes. I´m planning on selling them through my etsy store soon. Until then you can check my Zazzle store and my prints on deviantART. So far there arent many of my paintings available as a print, but as soon as I have some spare time I will scan more paintings in high quality. Then I will be able to offer more Art prints :-)

What inspires you to draw?
Lot’s of music like KoRn or movie soundtracks – especially by Hans Zimmer, nature, other artists, people I meet, places I go to, patterns in tiles; clouds; etc, movies I watch.. oh so much stuff inspires me :)

When did you start drawing?
I draw since I can think but 2001 was probably the year where I started to put a little more profession into my arts.

Can I use your pictures for my own projects?
I feel very honored if you want to use my artwork for your own projects but please ask me, if you use my artwork. And always make sure that you add a note to the used pictures with my website and artists name.

Can you draw a picture for me?
Sure. Just send me a message and we talk about the price and further details.

There’s a certain picture in your gallery, that I like. Can I have it?
I can’t give it to you for free because my artwork helps me to pay my bills, but if the painting /drawing is still available we can talk about the price.