About Chrisanne

My name is Christiane and I live in the south of Germany, near the french border.
I work as an audiovisual media designer for a bavarian media business. So most of the day I play with animation and editing programs for our clients, but when I’m off work I love to spent some time painting and drawing. Mostly I use either acrylics on wooden panel or fineliners and markers on marker paper.

I dont quite always know where inspiration comes from. Sometimes I dont have any at all and other times ideas keep to pop into my head. I think music is a big part in my creativity, as well as good movies (and their soundtracks) and definetly nature. Plants, animals, weathers, waters, soil, stars, clouds and so much more that we are naturally surrounded by inspires me to scribble, draw and paint.

Excuse this short introduction, but I’m looking for a professional who could write an ‘About’ text for me. In case you happen to be or know one, I’d love to hear from you so we can discuss further details. Merci beaucoup.